Group Expense Tracker

Easy to use spreadsheet to manage group expenses: Balance Sheet Template.

Very useful for group trips, where different expenses are paid by different members of the group, and you want to split the costs and track payment.


  1. Add the different parties of your group to the Config tab. Each row is a party, each column is a different policy to split an expense. The cells are the weights for each party in that policy.
  2. Add the expenses to the Expenses tab. Don't forget to set the split policy (usually per-person). The split values will show up at the grey columns on the right.
  3. The Report tab will give you how much each party's credit or debit.
  4. Add the transfers to the Transfers tab. Once all the debt is settled, you should see zero balance for all parties in the Report tab.

Example: see Beach Trip Balance Sheet for advanced usage.